Sunday, 21 July 2013

PHLOG: Grenoble - Avignon - Toulouse - Bordeaux

I've tried to write this blog several times and failed miserably to make it interesting. So I thought the best way to do it was to do a photo blog - what are these called? Video blogs are "vlogs", so this must be a "phlog"..?

Anyway back on track. The photos speak for themselves and do a much better job in showing what we got up to on our road-trip, so enjoy!

All photos are copyright: Rosie Paul. Please email for permission to use them.

Grenoble --> Avignon --> Toulouse --> Bordeaux

Long, open motorways greeted us and the car was the perfect way to get around and see sights you wouldn't necessarily see from a train or a bus.

Avignon, France. After what can only be described as a miserable spring in France, we took advantage of the first sunny days and spent most of our days by water. Canoeing in Provence can be recommended!

My poor Renault Clio. We did the whole 1500km in my 1.5l Renault Clio. Fitting everything in the car was a little like Tetris! Nevertheless we spent around 180€ each on petrol/food, so a fairly cheap week all in all - travelling doesn't need to be on an enormous budget or very far, it's just about seeing something you wouldn't normally experience.

Toulouse, France. If you look close enough, you can see the Pyrenees, still with snow on.

Bordeaux, France. Chilling by the pool was the next order of the day at my parents' place near Bergerac. I told you we didn't stray far from the water..!

Bordeaux, France. We did actually do a little bit of sightseeing - renting bikes and cycling around Bordeaux and Toulouse were definitely great ways to see the city. Renting bikes in these cities is remarkably easy and a bit like the Boris bikes in London.

Once you have committed 200€ as a caution I think the first 30 minutes is free, with it costing around 1,50€ for an hour? The machines don't actually take the 200€, that's just in case you don't return the bike and so it is great way to see the city if you're short of time. Passes are also available for a week or a month, which is handy if you're on ERASMUS in either of these places!

Bordeaux, France.

Time to head back to Grenoble.

This little sojourn was a great way to get out of Grenoble for a week as well as exploring departments out of Rhone-Alpes. For anyone not lucky to have a car, there is a car sharing website Covoiturage which allows you to pick up lifts to wherever you want to go, which often works out cheaper than the train. It's also a great way to practise your French and see something other than the city you live in!

That's all for now, hope you've enjoyed my first "phlog"! Heading back to the UK in the car this week, first stop Paris for a few days!

Bisous, hasta luuuego!

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