Friday, 24 August 2012

La fin !

Copyright: Amy Samson

And so it's over. 15 months later, Australia, Malaysia, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany visited, 6000km by car, half the world by plane, 2000km by train and various connecting buses, cars, trains and planes around the world and my gap year has finished. And what an amazing year it has been!

Throughout my 15 months I have been writing a blog on and if anyone's interested, feel free to have a quick flick through: The results of a year of freedom

Now, however I am turning my attention towards going back to school. Rather than following the traditional route of going back home for university, I have decided to stay out in France for the next 3 years and complete a license - the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in the UK. Rather than being nervous, stressed or scared I can't really believe I am going back to education and my year out has finally finished - no doubt that will soon change! I am already in France, as I have been back working as an au pair, and after spending the last 7 months of my life here it really does feel like home, which I'm hoping will make the move into Grenoble that much easier!

The same however cannot be said for the the bureaucracy, which is as difficult as ever, but with help from my lovely French family I should be soon well on my way to my brand new life! To anyone considering and/or ummm-ing and ahhh-ing about a gap year: do it. You have no idea where it might take you - if anyone had told me this time last year that I would be sitting in the French Alps, fluent in French, about to start a university course in Grenoble, I would have laughed. A lot.

Bisous xxx

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